Zig Castable

Cast crowns, bridges, and frameworks of all kinds

Zig’s Castable Resin  allows you to rapidly print models for use in investment casting. This material is easy to work with and leaves behind no residue after the burnout process.

  • Easy to work with and outstandingly accurate
  • Suitable for casting copings, substructures, crowns, and more
  • Burns clean with no residue left after burnou

Zig Die and Model

Rapidly 3D Print High-contrast Dental Models

  • Improved flexural modulus and strength
  • Up to 10% faster print speeds
  • Print up to eight full arch models in just 15 minutes*
  • Fantastic color and finish that mimics dental stone
  • Easy to separate from thermoforming materials

Zig Die & Model represents a big step forward in dental modelling materials. Our new tan color mimics classic dental stone and features almost no pigment settling, which means you can spend more time printing and less time mixing. Improved adhesion to the build plate is matched by an increase in flexural modulus and strength, providing higher success rates and a reduced chance of breakage.

A reduced odor improves the quality of life for 3D printing models for an overall experience that your practice staff will love. Plus, Die & Model resins are easier to separate from thermoforming materials, saving time and labor for more efficient in-office fabrication workflows. With rapid, repeatable results that are easier than ever to use, Die & Model  is helping to bring dental 3D printing into dental practices everywhere

Zig Surgical Guide

Accurate and distortion free implant guides

To take full advantage of guided implant surgery, it’s important to have a guide that resists fracture and distortion. zig’s Surgical Guide  has higher flexural strength and flexural modulus than competing brands, plus comparably low viscosity for easy mixing.

  • Biocompatible, FDA-compliant material
  • Resists flex and breakage during use
  • Easy to mix compared to previous formulas

Zig Study Model Wax-Up

Aesthetic models for patient presentation

  • Improved flexural modulus and strength
  • Up to 10% faster print speeds
  • Print up to four full arch study models in less than 20 minutes*
  • Deliver outstanding patient experience by bringing results to life
  • Rich color and smooth surface mimic orthodontic models

Zig Study Model Wax-Up is a special material formulation that provides outstanding color, clarity, and smoothness, making it perfect for patient presentation. With almost no pigment separation, you can print Study Model White with confidence, knowing that your models will have fantastic color distribution and results that are reliable and accurate.

Zig Study Model Wax-Up features improved flexural strength and modulus for a sturdier model that is less likely to break or deform. With better platform adhesion and reduced odor, Zig Study Model Wax-Up can help take your practice to the next level, delighting patients with striking visual presentations that help improve patient education and caseptance.

Zig Splint

Splints with high flexural strength

Biocompatible resin for splints and occlusal guards features superior flexural strength compared to other leading splint 3D printing materials. High flexural strength allows for long-lasting parts with a reduced chance of breakage during normal use.

  • Biocompatible, FDA-compliant material
  • Category-leading flexural strength
  • Superior mechanical properties

Zig Try-In

Rapidly print monolithic try-in dentures

Digital dentures can reduce the number of appointments required for denture placement. zig’s biocompatible try-in material can be rapidly printed to check bite registration and occlusion of dentures. This material can be printed monolithic or as a baseplate combined with individual tooth setup for maximum flexibility.

  • Biocompatible FDA-compliant material
  • Allows rapid, cost-effective iteration of try-in denture
  • Can be characterized and worn as short-term temporary